Vj Vishal And Riya Vishwanathan Love Break Up

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The news of Bhakyalakshmi serial actor Vishal’s love failure is currently going viral on social media. Among the serials aired on Vijay TV, Pakya Lakshmi series is gaining popularity among the fans. In the lead role of this series, Suchithra plays the role of Pakyalakshmi and Sathish plays the role of Pakiya’s husband Gopi. Reshma, Vishal, Ritika, Velu Lakshmanan, Neha Menon are playing the lead roles along with them in this series.


This serial is directed by David. This serial has become the favorite serial of housewives since its inception. Serially in this series, the story focuses on how all the women struggle and struggle for the sake of the family. Day by day the character of Pakiya is a role model and brave for the women in the house.

Bhakyalakshmi Serial:

This serial shows that women should have a job and self-respect even if they take care of the family and that no one is lazy. Through this serial, Pakiya has gathered a huge fan base. Also, the serial is reaching its peak. Moreover, the TRP of Pakiyalakshmi serial has been skyrocketing for the past few weeks. The reason for that is that everyone is expecting twists and turns in the serial.

Story of Serial:

Now in the serial Pakiya has divorced Gopi. On the other hand, Gopi tells Radhika that she is divorced and says that she can get married. Will Radhika marry Gopi? What will Pakiya do? The serial is going with many twists and turns. In this situation, the information of Bhakyalakshmi serial actor Vishal’s love ending in failure is going viral on social media.


Vishal-Riya romance:

Vishal has made a place for himself among the fans with the character of Eghil in this serial. A few months ago, there were reports on social media that he was in love with Rhea, who is playing the new role of Sandhya in Raja Rani 2 serial. However, both of them did not post any record about their love. In fact, it is said that Vishal is the reason why Rhea got a chance in Raja Rani 2 serial.

Vishal’s love failure:

Recently, Vishal was participating in the upcoming show Raju Vutula Party which is aired on Vijay TV. In it, he had said that he had broken up with the girl he was in love with a few weeks ago. Seeing this, the fans are publishing information on social media that Vishal and Rhea have broken up. However, it is noteworthy that so far these two have not spoken anywhere about love and division.



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