VKontakte will support authors with monetization income

The Russian social network VKontakte has launched a program to support bloggers: now the authors will be able to receive 100% of the income from monetization. Previously, the social network took a commission for operations on the site.

The program will be launched in the near future and will last until April 10. According to the social network, the new policy will allow the authors to earn over 600 million rubles. Income will be generated through monetization tools such as affiliate program, market platform, video monetization and VK Donut.

“We see an active growth of the audience, the transition of bloggers and a large surge in the activity of the authors of VKontakte. We consider it necessary to support everyone who creates content on our platform as much as possible. VKontakte has a large number of tools for creating, promoting and monetizing content – our support program will help authors of high-quality professional content to interact more actively with the audience and share information, ”the press service quotes the CEO of the social network, Marina Krasnova, as saying.

Earlier, VKontakte reported a twofold increase in the number of views and downloads of new videos in the Clips section. Prior to that, on March 6, TikTok was blocked in Russia – Russians were forbidden to broadcast live and upload new content.

Also, VKontakte reported a 21.9% increase in revenue for 2021, the daily audience of the social network is 47 million, and the monthly audience is 72.5 million users.

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Evgeny Fedunenko


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