Volcanoes have turned “Twin Earth” into hell

Venus has been described as a “damn hell”, with a surface temperature of more than 464 degrees Celsius, hot enough to melt lead and spacecraft.

And a new study published by Russia Today, yesterday, showed that huge volcanic eruptions over a long period of time may be responsible for changing the planet to what it is today.

The study says that perhaps the massive volcanoes that covered 80 percent of the surface of Venus with lava were the decisive factor that transformed “Venus” from a wet and temperate world into a suffocating, sulfur and infernal planet as it is today.

However, there is growing evidence that Venus wasn’t always this way, and could one day have been a temperate world more or less similar to Earth, geologically speaking, than might have been expected.

In the latest paper, Michael Way of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and his team argue that Venus’ volcanism could ultimately be what pushed it over the edge.


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