Volleyball, men’s Italy beats Germany 3-0 and flies to the semifinals at the European Championships. The reigning champions of Serbia await the Azzurri

The men’s national team of volley conquer the semifinal of the Europeans. The boys of Ferdinando De Giorgi they beat the Germany from Andrea Giani – another legend of Italian volleyball – per 3-0 a Ostrava, dominating all sets: 25-13, 25-18, 25-19. Now to wait for the blues a Katowice there will be the fearsome Serbia, reigning European champion.

After the disappointment at Tokyo Olympics, Italvolley wanted to make up for it: now it’s back among the best four of the Old World. The last time was in 2015, when the blues they had conquered the last step of the podium in the edition co-organized by Italy and Bulgaria. For the Italian men’s volleyball team it will be the 15th semifinal. The other semi-finalists are there Poland and the winner of the Czech Republic-Slovakia. Thanks to seven hits consecutive – five in the group and two in the knockout rounds – has achieved an important goal for a team that presented itself with eight rookies at the event.

Fefé De Giorgi, chosen to replace Gianlorenzo Blengini after the Olympic disappointment, he set up an aggressive match right from the start, with a Giannelli true leader. After the overwhelming domain of the first set (25-13), they repeated themselves in the second (25-18), without being frightened by the blows of a Germany eager to get up again. The third set had some complications: the Germans hooked the Azzurri, giving them a hard time up to halfway through the fraction. Then they could only capitulate (25-19). A script similar to that seen in the second round, where also the Latvia he had given way with a sharp blow 3-0. Now, however, with the Serbian champions the bar is raised considerably: to reach the final it will take a business.

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