Volvo and Northvolt build a gigafactory in Sweden

Volvo and Northvolt build a gigafactory in Sweden

2023-10-02 10:00:02

A new name has been born in the battery industrial landscape in Europe: Novo Energy. The ingenious union of Northvolt and Volvo has generated a ‘joint venture’ that aims to build a battery gigafactory in Sweden.

The plant will be operational in 2026, with a projected production rate of up to 50 GWh –It is almost impossible for them to reach that capacity by that date, but rather it will be expanded through modular lines, as is already happening in the rest of Northvolt’s facilities.

Its land covers an area of ​​130,000 square meters and is located near Volvo’s largest assembly plant, in Torslanda, with an annual capacity of about 300,000 vehicles. Once full performance is reached, Novo’s battery plant will be able to assemble around 500,000 batteries per year.

The director of Novo Energy is Adrian Clarkean engineer who joined the joint venture in 2022 after spending eight years at Tesla, where he held the position of Director of Engineering and Supply for the North American manufacturer’s gigafactory in Berlin.

Volvo aims to become a 100% electric brand by 2030 and estimates to reach 1.2 million zero-emission sales around the world in 2035.

Northvolt, for its part, has already accumulated supply agreements worth more than 55 billion euros for manufacturers such as BMW, Volkswagen or Volvo. Its first plant was in the northern region of Sweden (Skelleftea), but it is building another in Germany.

According to the mayor of Gothenburg, Jonas Attenius, stated that «the Novo Energy gigafactory will be a milestone for the green transition. “It combines all the elements to be important: necessary technology, a modern industry and thousands of jobs with good conditions.”

In addition to the factory, an R&D center is planned to be built in Lindholmen, to develop the next generation of batteries for Volvo and Polestar. On the other hand, the city of Gothenburg will invest around four million euros to create a training center for electromobility and the battery industry.

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