Vorarlberg wins ORF show “9 Places – 9 Treasures” for the fourth time

Wiegensee impressed the jury and the television audience

Vienna (OTS) Austria has voted – and on the national holiday, Tuesday, October 26th, 2021, in the ORF main evening show “9 Places – 9 Treasures”, Lake Wiegensee in Montafon was named the most beautiful place in the nation. A jury of celebrities and the television audience ranked the idyllic natural gem in first place. Vorarlberg wins the race for the “most beautiful place” for the fourth time – after the Formarinsee and the Rote Wand (2015), the Körbersee (2017) and the Lünersee (2019).

Four times winner in eight years

Since 2014, the successful show “9 Places – 9 Treasures” has been providing quotas over the million mark on each national holiday when Armin Assinger and Barbara Karlich search for the most beautiful hidden place with the moderators of the nine ORF regional studios as well as numerous celebrities from the federal states of Austria. Vorarlberg has taken a special position in these eight years and emerged as the winner every two years.

“Natural jewel in the spotlight”

“Vorarlberg heute” presenter Kerstin Polzer and Lisbeth Bischoff were the prominent faces of Vorarlberg in the “9 Places – 9 Treasures” show. ORF country director Markus Klement, who followed the live show directly in the Vienna ORF center, is delighted: “It is proof of the unbelievable diversity and beauty of our country that this is the fourth time that a scenic treasure from Vorarlberg has been shown on the ORF Show ‘9 Places – 9 Treasures’ is awarded. I congratulate everyone involved from the bottom of my heart for successfully putting this natural gem in the spotlight of the Austrian public. “

Vorarlberg winner: the Wiegensee

The picturesque Wiegensee lies above Partenen in the Montafon at an altitude of more than 1,900 meters. It is a moor lake on the southern edge of the European protected area Verwall, with 120 square kilometers the largest protected area in Vorarlberg. It lies at the foot of the Versalspitze, picturesquely embedded in a slope, the so-called cradle. It was created by the movement of glaciers. The moor landscape around the Wiegensee is of international importance because it exhibits an exciting botanical phenomenon: grasses and mosses grow from the bank onto the surface of the water, where over time they form a dense network. This plant cover, which is also called swinging lawn, looks stable, but it is not – if you step on it, you would sink in. The Wiegensee is not a bathing lake, as it is strictly forbidden to enter the bank area, as this would destroy the sensitive bog plants. For this reason, extra footbridges have been created for hikers so that the sensitive moor is not damaged.

Strong competitors

Vorarlberger Wiegensee prevailed against eight strong finalists from the other federal states. Also in the race were the Willersdorfer Schlucht (Burgenland), the Blumenberg Mussen (Carinthia), the Sitzendorfer Kellergasse (Lower Austria), the Gimbach in Weißenbachtal (Upper Austria), the Krimmler Waterfalls (Salzburg), the Handwerkerdörfl in Pichla (Styria), the Gschnitztal (Tyrol) and the Hirschstetten flower gardens (Vienna). In order to pay tribute to all the places that were available for selection this year, the program “9 Places – 9 Treasures: Austria is so beautiful” is on the program today, October 27, at 9:00 p.m. on ORF 2. All 27 places and places that the federal states have sent into the race will be presented again – so that the whole of Austria not only gets to know the winner and the nine state winners, but all the treasures of 2021.

The most beautiful places in Austria as a book

In addition to the program, the book “Lust auf Österreichsätze” (Lust for Austria’s peculiarities) was recently published, which accompanies the treasure hunt 2021 (and the nine regional winners of the previous year) on almost 200 pages with informative texts and magnificent pictures.

On vorarlberg.ORF.at and on the overview page tv.ORF.at/9plaetze you can find all information about the ORF show “9 Treasures – 9 Places”.

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