“Voting is worth it, and at the same time I tell him that I don’t know if I will vote”

“Voting is worth it, and at the same time I tell him that I don’t know if I will vote”

2023-05-25 06:30:16

Lluís Anton Baulenas, multi-award winning writer, presented “I’ll be your mirror” at Les Voltes bookstore on Tuesday, the story of a literature teacher who ends up working in a seedy bar in the Raval. The protagonist, however, is Barcelona pe before anyone else

What is Barcelona today?

It is the same as two thousand years ago, when the Romans arrived. A great city, but with two thousand years behind it. For me this is very important, it makes sense. It impresses me, because those of Sant Andreu are from Barcelona without a pedigree. Otherwise, it’s not much different from any other big city. It has its own characteristics, yes. For example, it is the capital of a stateless nation.

Its protagonist tells a lady that she is very good for being fifty years old. That’s sexism, isn’t it?

Because it is the character who says it, if anything he is the sexist.

“If the lady’s worth it, I’d venture to say she’s pretty good for being fifty”

Would you dare say it, as the times are?

If the lady is worth it, I would take the risk.

Are there any literature teachers left?

Fewer and fewer, and of Catalan literature, even less. The work output of teaching in an institute is very sweet. So there are more and more people teaching, but few teachers.

The real way is concentrated in the bars of bad death?

There is life in more places, Barcelona is a conglomerate. Terrible scenarios are fine, but I avoid exploiting them with impunity, in my books. Now, times are changing and there are less and less bad bars, they are all sanitized. We would still find some.

More and more people teaching, but few teachers


What does it say about a country that the big topic is Vinicius?

Do you mean Spain?

Or Catalonia, it’s talked about everywhere.

Racism is not in football, it is everywhere. It’s funny to me when they say that Spain – or Catalonia – is not racist, it’s just a few. Damn, there are quite a few of them.

Is there a lot of racism?

Think so. At least, of this racism that we could call banal. This one that didn’t hurt four days ago and today it does. Nothing should happen if I wrote “he’s dirty like a gypsy”. But as it happens, it’s not hard for me to be careful. Well, society changes very quickly, so there are going to be a few years of bumps like this.

There is a lot of racism, if not the kind that we could call banal, the kind that didn’t hurt four days ago and today it does


Before I asked him about Barcelona: what is Catalonia today?

It is a nation without a state, and from here, life is sought. It is a complex society, with people of diverse thoughts. And with a demographic and cultural change in recent years, which makes the controversy about what it is grow even more. I only write in Catalan, and I take that as a commitment.

Did you feel cheated by the process?

My son’s mother told me to go celebrate in Plaça de Sant Jaume. And I said to him: “to celebrate what? If there is the Spanish flag in the Generalitat”. She went, I didn’t. And on the same day he returned home. I was disappointed with how everything was handled. Also for how he behaved afterwards.

What does it refer to?

Beyond the process, there are ways to assert our rights, within the Constitution. I am surprised that there is so much trouble and instead all the instruments are not used to play the pear, which the Constitution itself offers.

I was disappointed with how the whole process was handled, also how it was handled afterwards


There is an election on Sunday: is it still worth voting?

Voting is worth it, and at the same time I tell him that I don’t know if I will vote.

Its protagonist begins to do dirty and abandoned things when he turns sixty. I recently fulfilled them: do I have to follow this behavior?

Yes. But I warn you that the character doesn’t quite fit in there. Maybe it’s because he’s not trained enough.

Is it a matter of practice?

it is Drinking things directly from the fridge, without going through a plate, drinking wine directly from the bottle…

I already do, and I’m really starting to feel good about my age.

So go ahead. I do it too, I’m sixty-three years old, I have more practice.

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