VTsIOM experts assessed the time Russians spend on gadgets

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13% of Russians find it difficult to imagine their usual day without a mobile phone or gadgets, according to a survey by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM). Most often, this answer is given by women – 14%, as well as respondents aged 18-24 – 31%. A total of 1,600 people over 18 participated in the survey.

According to sociologists, 8% of respondents use the Internet and social networks every day: men are more common among them – 11% versus 7% of women, as well as respondents aged 18-24 – 19%. 2% of Russians need a computer every day. 4% cannot imagine a usual day without television, radio or mass media, the same number need music, reading books or newspapers.

The top 5 daily needs included work – 31%, family and friends – 15%, gadgets – 13%, food – 10%. Children and grandchildren, a car and public transport, money and material wealth each scored 9%. 7% of Russians need communication or meetings every day, 5% – sports, 3% – a walk in the fresh air.

According to the NAFI think tank, Russians spend an average of six hours a day in front of gadget screens. Residents of the Central Federal District spend the most time behind the screens of phones and computers – seven hours a day, people aged 18-24 – eight hours a day, Russians with higher education – seven hours, managers – eight hours a day. Due to the pandemic, the screen time of the Russian user has increased: since the spring of last year, 43% of Russians began to use digital devices more often.


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