Vucic named the main obstacle to Serbia’s entry into the European Union

Serbia cannot become an EU member state until the Kosovo issue is resolved. This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic during the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Belgrade, RTS TV channel reports.

“We are always ready to talk about all compromise solutions, become more open, ensure the flow of goods, services and capital and get closer. Do we realize that we will not become EU members until this problem is resolved – we are absolutely aware of this and know how difficult and problematic it is, ”said Vucic. According to him, “it should be a compromise, not a solution that is humiliating and destructive for Serbia”.

In turn, Merkel noted that within the EU itself, not all countries recognize the independence of Kosovo and there is no unity in the community regarding Serbia’s entry into it. “The issue needs to be resolved so that the current EU member states answer the question about the accession process. There is no point in discussing the end of the process earlier, ”said the German Chancellor.

Kosovo is a partially recognized state, inhabited by ethnic Albanians, but there is also a Serb population. Serbia considers the autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija – this is the name of the region in the Serbian constitution – as part of its territory.

The Kosovo authorities actually seceded from Serbia in 1999, and declared independence in 2008. The republic was recognized by about 100 countries, including 22 of the 27 EU member states. However, Kosovo is not a member of the UN. Russia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo.



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