Vucic “with both hands” is ready to sign a $400 gas contract with Russia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that during his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he did not want to sign a gas contract at a price of $400 per thousand cubic meters. According to him, now he would sign such a contract “with both hands.”

“Gas is so expensive that it cannot be more expensive, we are happy when our gas price drops to 1600. And you understand that I did not want to accept the price of $400 when I went to Putin! If they gave me a long-term price of 400 now, I would sign it with both hands!” Mr. Vučić told TV Pink (quoted by TASS).

The President of Serbia said that the price of gas has fallen to $1,600 per thousand cubic meters, which, together with transportation, is $2,000. This is nine times more than Serbia pays now. Until May 31, a contract between Russia and Serbia is valid with a price of $270 per 1,000 cubic meters.

About the impact of the military operation on the presidential race in Serbia – in the material “Kommersant” “For the President of Serbia, the main thing is maneuvers.”


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