wage gap and social advancement

wage gap and social advancement

2023-09-21 22:02:52

Shakira is in the news again. The Colombian artist has released her latest single, ‘El Jefe’, with the group Fuerza Regida. It is a protest song. And like Ismael Serrano, Bob Dylan or Mercedes Sosa, she has sung to the working class, but in her own way. The singer has criticized labor exploitation and has mentioned Lili Melgar, who, according to several media outlets, was the nanny of her children and the person who helped her discover the infidelities of her partner, Gerard Piqué.

The artist has pointed out that the song is a plea for the dignity and against the exploitation of migrants. A tribute to the working class. “The same as always, the same routine. Another shitty day, another day at the office. I have a shitty boss, who doesn’t pay me well. I arrive walking and he arrives in a Mercedes Benz,” say the first verses of his single . Something that vindicates the enormous wage gap between workers and their bosses. In Spain, a worker earns on average just under 26,000 euros per year. Exactly half of what directors and managers earn. The gap is even larger if we talk about unskilled workers. Their bosses earn four times more than them. And six if we talk about migrants, who in Spain earn 24% less than the rest.

Another stanza says that: “You dreaming of leaving the neighborhood. You have everything to be a millionaire. Expensive tastes, the mentality. You only lack the salary.” Something that refers to the fact that having a millionaire salary is very difficult. In our country there are just over a million millionaires. For the other 47 million, we have to have a millionaire mentality. And expensive tastes. Like olive oil.

The social elevator is broken. Spain is one of the European countries with the least equal opportunities. Only 30% of people with families with incomes below 20,000 euros go to university. And of all of these, the probability that they end up in a managerial position is 35%, compared to 60% for children from wealthy families. And if we talk about migrants, as Shakira does in her song, less than 10% of university students in Spain are children of migrant parents. Because for them, everything is even more difficult.

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