Waltz of the coaches, new turning point: Simone Inzaghi at Inter – Sport

MILANO. Unexpected football changes everything within two days. First Antonio Conte’s farewell to Inter, then Massimiliano Allegri’s return to the Juventus bench with Andrea Pirlo’s exoneration. And now the new, sensational, turning point: Simone Inzaghi will be the next Inter coach.

Which seemed impossible just a few hours ago. Last night the word was given to Lazio and its president Lotito, today Inter fell on Simone Inzaghi again.

The Nerazzurri club’s offer to replace Antonio Conte and find a suitable replacement after Massimiliano Allegri preferred to return to Juventus, would be far higher than the 2.5 million that Lotito guaranteed to Inzaghi until yesterday: 4 million plus one bonuses per season for three years.

Inzaghi thought about it with his agent Tullio Tinti and in the last few minutes the – perhaps – definitive turning point.


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