Wanda leaves Icardi. Who is the woman of betrayal (La China). Photo

Mysterious message on Instagram, then deleted and republished. Twice. Wanda Nara chooses social media to drop the bomb: Mauro Icardi was unfaithful to her. “Another family you ruined for a bitch.” The post leaves little room for interpretation but if there was still a need for confirmation that the couple has broken out, the two have stopped following each other even on social networks. She also deleted all the photos of them together. Although it is not yet clear what exactly happened between the PSG striker and his wife, many theories and speculations have exploded on social media. The most accredited leads straight to another woman.

From Argentina – writes https://www.corrieredellosport.it/ – they contribute to dissolve even the last reservations: the woman with whom Icardi would have cheated Wanda would be Maria Eugenia Suárez, known as La China. Born in Buenos Aires in 1992, the beautiful Argentine is an actress, singer and model well known and appreciated in her homeland. Eugenia and Wanda already knew each other before the outbreak of the scandal: on the last post she published in chronological order – a video in which she dances with her son – Wanda’s “like” also stands out. It would have been then the same showgirl to confirm the rumors: “I separated”, he would have confessed to a well-known Argentine journalist.


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