Wanda Nara-Icardi goodbye? China Suarez Maurito’s new flame? Gossip

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Wanda Nara – Icardi (Lapresse)

Wanda Nara-Icardi goodbye? China Suarez Maurito’s new flame? Gossip

Wanda Nara e Mauro Icardi in crisis, the two would break up. Saturday night a story of the Argentine soubrette appeared on Instagram with a message that had blown everyone away: “Another family you ruined to be fox!». And on the Argentine sites the hunt for who was the person to whom she had referred was started. After Wanda deleted all posts with Icardi from her Instagram, leaving only those with her children. Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto – the heirs of Maxi Lopez; and the girls Francesca and Isabella (had in her history with the former Inter captain) Not only that. Wanda has stopped following Maurito (of whom she is also an agent and with whom she married in May 2014) on Ig. Journalist Ker Weinstein on her Instagram profile @ChismesDeker later claimed that Wanda wrote to her “I separated”.

According to the Argentine media it would be María Eugenia Suárez Riveiro, known as “China Suarez”, the new flame of Mauro Icardi. Well known and loved in Argentina, the 29-year-old singer, model and actress (she has 5 million followers on Ig) has three children: Rufina who is eight (born from the relationship with the 41-year-old Argentine actor Nicolas Cabré), Magnolia (three years) and Amancio (one year old) whose father is the 43-year-old Chilean actor Benjamín Vicuña (a story that ended in the summer between him and China Suarez).

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