Want to study film? Alphonse Putra with film making class

Want to study film?  Alphonse Putra with film making class

Kochi: Alphonse Putran is the director of superhit films like Neram and Premam. Now the director has come up with a film making class for those who want to learn cinema. This was announced through social media.

Alphonse’s note

My first class on filmmaking for aspirants and students. I can send it to all who have tried it (extreme long shot, long shot, full shot, knee shot, mid shot, mid close up shot, extreme cosplay shot as reels.

Those who are interested in cinematography and editing can also try Reels. If I like it I will message back, like or share. Best wishes to all. Saying Gopalan Chetan’s favorite dialogue for all of you (Superstar Stylemannan Rajinikanth’s dialogue) Inime Than Aramsam…

After the film Gold, there were trolls on social media against Alphonse Putra. When the criticism was severe, he announced through Facebook that he will no longer show his face on social media and that he is no one’s slave.

“You are trolling me and badmouthing me about Gold Cinema for your own satisfaction. You might like it. But not for me. So I will not show my face on social media as a sign of protest. I am not your slave and I have not given anyone the right to make fun of me or insult me ​​publicly. You can watch my movies if you want.

Don’t come to my page and express your anger. If I do that again, I will disappear from social media. I’m not what I used to be. I am a person who is honest with myself, my partner, my children, those who love me and those who stand by me when I fall. I will never forget the smile on your face when I fell. No one falls on purpose. It happens naturally, naturally. So the same nature will protect me with support. Have a nice day…” he wrote on Facebook.


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