War in Russia: the dilemma of foreign companies

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Isolate Moscow, more than ever, punish Vladimir Putin for his crimes. Westerners are attacking all sectors of the Russian economy. At the same time, many foreign companies are ceasing their activities in Russia, under pressure from public opinion and political leaders. Others have decided to stay, for the time being. How to analyze this dilemma, between respect for morality, human rights on the one hand, requirements of shareholders, employment of employees, on the other hand? What is the geopolitical responsibility of companies? (Replay)

Our guests :

Gilles Remy, Chairman and CEO of CIFAL, a French company based in Moscow

Nathalie Belhoste, Professor of Geopolitics at the Grenoble School of Management.

In the second part of the show, we look at the economic success of large pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, thanks to vaccines against Covid-19. They are not the only ones to profit economically from the health crisis. Many companies benefit from new markets, which illustrate the general concern of the inhabitants of the planet for their health. What are the industrial recipes for this success? What are the challenges for States negotiating contracts? What place should be given to innovation and how should it be financed? Where is Africa lagging behind in the development of these pharmaceutical industries?

Our guest:

Nathalie Coutinet, health economist, lecturer at the University of Paris 13.

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