War with China in 2025: US General to train intensively for it

War with China in 2025: US General to train intensively for it

Washington: US Air Force general predicts war with China in 2020 He directed the soldiers to undergo intensive training for the same. General Mike Minihan, head of the US Air Mobility Command, which has more than 100,000 members, gave the instruction in this regard. The letter given by him in this regard came out through social media.

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He also stated that the Taiwan conflict will result in a war between the US and China in 2025. His mind says that the war will take place in 2025. The 2024 presidential election in Taiwan will also be a reason for China’s presidential war. He pointed out that the US presidential election in 2024 will be busy and it will be convenient for China.

Minihan stated that the formation of a war committee by the Chinese president in 2022 is also a sign that there will be a war in 2025. At the same time, the US defense official said that this is not the country’s position on China. The Pentagon and the White House did not comment on the incident.

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