Wards won by parties in urban local elections – A Schedule | Wards won by parties in urban local elections

DMK Amoga has won the urban local government elections held in Tamil Nadu. It has captured a total of 21 corporations and holds most of the municipalities and boroughs.

In Tamil Nadu, elections were held in 12,607 wards in 21 corporations, 138 municipalities and 489 municipalities in a single phase on the 19th. The DMK saw the field with allied parties including the Congress, the CBI, the CPI (M), the Madhyamaka and the Vizika. With the BJP in disarray, the AIADMK, along with other allied parties, met in the constituency. BJP, Aam Aadmi Party, BJP, Temujin, Manima and Nathaka stood on the field separately.

The votes cast in this election were counted in 268 centers across Tamil Nadu the day before yesterday. With the DMK alliance winning a landslide victory in the urban local elections Parties Winning wards:

The first meeting of elected ward members and the inauguration ceremony will take place on March 2. Indirect elections for the election of the mayor, deputy mayor, mayor and mayor, and vice presidents are scheduled for March 4.


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