Warisu Vs Thadvu… What did Vijay and Ajith fans get? – A Comparative View | Comparison between vijay varisu movie and ajith thunivu movie

Warisu Vs Thadvu… What did Vijay and Ajith fans get?  – A Comparative View |  Comparison between vijay varisu movie and ajith thunivu movie

Vijay’s ‘Varisu’ and Ajith’s ‘Thunivu’ both released on Pongal and are being celebrated by fans. In this context let us see some comparisons between the two films.

Both Ajith and Vijay are the two supreme ‘mass’ actors of Tamil Nadu. The directors from both the sides have been clear that both of them should be made to shine on the screen through unconventional looks and body language in some way. The most important first assignment for Vamsi and H.Vinoth is to polish and polish the ‘mass’ actor that the fans want and give them a complete treat on screen, beyond family audience, sentiment and opinion. As per the assignment, both the directors get a ‘pass’ mark by portraying the ‘mass’ actors as ‘class’.

Fans have started celebrating vintage Vijay in ‘Varisu’. Vamsi has shown the Vijay of ‘Sachin’ era with those small wrinkles of Vijay, comedies, childish facial expressions, body language, and the row with Prakashraj. Similarly, Vijay has excited the fans by using the dance sequences where Vijay gets down and scores as much as possible. Especially the dance performed by Vijay in the track ‘Celebration of Warisu’ is an example of that. Similarly, the last minute performance of the song ‘Ranjithame’ is sure to be played till next Pongal. Thus, it is clear that director Vamsi has concentrated all his attention on Vijay.

Similarly, H. Vinod has completely changed Ajith’s screen presence in the film ‘Thunivu’. His transformation of Ajith from a fan attitude to ‘Mangadha’ villainous grin, attractive white and white ‘smart’ look, Michael Jackson’s ‘moonwalk’ step adds justification to the fans hailing him as ‘Thunivu’ Pongal. Ajith’s character design is a fun assault without caring about anything at all. That’s even more energy for the fans.

Vamsi and H.Vinoth have brilliantly created the characters of ‘Varisu’ Vijay and ‘Thunivu’ Ajith as jovial, dance-scoring characters knowingly or unknowingly. The reason is that earlier in the film ‘Beast’ Vijay and Nelson will be with the same tension as the heroes. Ajith’s character as a serious cop in ‘Valimai’ stays on its meter. Fans are celebrating that there are no such tensions in this Pongal.

Similarly, keeping in mind the fan base of the two actors and not to become a ‘troll’, the music composers Thaman and Gibran have come down and scored. The background music and songs of both films create the ideal ‘vibe’ mood of 2K Kids. ‘Gangsta’ here means ‘Fire Commander’ there. It is undeniable that both the composers have put in as much effort as possible.

Although both the films score on action, the fight sequences of ‘Thunivu’ are a step up at some places. If we compare in the field of sentiments, ‘Varisu’ mother-son sentiment is stuck in some places, and ‘Courage’ has been inscribed in the sentiments.

In the female role, ‘Thunivu’ Manju Warrier dares to come down and hit. ‘Varisu’ Rashmika clings only to love and song. In terms of characters, Mohanasundaram, Bux, Mahanadi Shankar and the supporting characters of ‘Thunivu’ add strength to the story. The writing for the supporting characters in ‘Varisu’ is not strong enough on screen. Beyond all this, both the films converge at the point where the villains are also weakly written.

Both films inevitably suffer from some flaws conceptually. ‘Varisu’ criminalizes oppressed marginalized people and ‘Courage’ denigrates the body language of a transgender person and lags behind the change that needs to happen in 2023.

Finally, in terms of the story and the screenplay, Vamsi’s usual clichéd plot and clichéd scenes aim to tell the same story. It is sentiment. Written to appeal to families, the story narrows down to ‘sentiment’. But ‘Courage’ adds a new twist to the story by carrying a weighty message. It conveys a certain message to the audience by exposing the encroachments of the banks on the common man.

In reality, the message conveyed through big budgets and big casts can reach mass audiences more easily than smaller films. Looking at it from that point of view, the audience returning home after ‘Warisi’ is carrying sentiment and the audience going home after ‘Thunivu’ is taking with them the awareness to be cautious with banks.


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