Warning to the police; The commissioner said that those who went on leave should come back

Thiruvananthapuram: Thiruvananthapuram police alerted in wake of Vizhinjam conflict. Those who went on leave should return to work as soon as possible. The commissioner also informed that the police should also be vigilant in other coastal areas besides Vizhinjam. The warning comes in the context of clashes between supporters and opponents of the ongoing strike against the Vizhinjam port project.

Following the instructions of the High Court, there was a move to resume construction of the port in Vizhiinjath on Saturday. But this led to a great upheaval. There was a conflict between those in favor of the construction and the anti-port committee on the position that Vizhinjam port is necessary. The conflict continued for a long time. Still, tension continues in many parts of the region.

It is in this situation that the commissioner has issued a warning to the police. All policemen under the City Police Commissioner should be equipped. The commissioner directed that those on leave must report to duty and be ready at any time.


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