Was it the DMK that attacked the government bus driver in Madurai?

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When the luxury bus of the DMK tried to overtake the state bus from Madurai to Tiruppur, the DMK anarchy cut off the hand of the government bus driver in a rage.

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A 2-minute video has gone viral on social networking sites alleging that the DMK cut off the hand of a government bus driver in anger when a luxury car tried to overtake a government bus from Madurai to Tiruppur and plunged into anarchy.


Members of parties including the BJP and AIADMK have been sharing the video condemning the DMK for cutting off the driver’s hand and engaging in anarchy. Readers are asked to post to find out the truth.

What is the truth?

As the Madurai-Tiruppur government bus was leaving Arappalaiyam near Kalavasal, a car behind the bus tried to overtake it. The bus driver was unable to overtake the bus due to the narrow road and traffic congestion. The bus also seems to have crashed into the car. Suresh, the driver of the car, overtook the bus near the freeway and got into an argument with government bus driver Muthukrishnan. The man broke the glass of the bus with an iron bar, hit the bus driver and injured his right arm, causing him to bleed.

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The drivers and conductors of the subsequent government buses demanded the arrest of the driver of the car. In this connection, the SS Colony police registered a case. They found the driver of the car through the CCTV footage and vehicle number there. Police have arrested Suresh from Poovandi in Sivagangai district.

Political parties have been spreading rumors on social media that the person who cut off the hand of a government bus driver belonged to the DMK. However, no news of the incident or the arrest of the driver of the car was mentioned in the party.

Similarly, the car shown in the viral video did not show any signs of DMK affiliation.

Therefore, Madurai Commissioner Prem Anand Sinha IPS Speaking to them on behalf of Uttern, he said, “That is misinformation. The person who attacked the driver of the government bus has been arrested, ”he said.


In our search, there is no evidence or news to prove that the driver of the government bus from Madurai to Tiruppur was attacked by the DMK and the police have denied that it is false information.

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