“Wash Rabin’s blood off your hands”: Zehava Galon and Itamar Ben Gvir clashed

A storm erupted this evening (Saturday) on social media, when Zehava Galon and Itamar Ben Gabir argued after Galon posted a tweet against the Likud list and Ben Gabir, to which the Knesset member replied to her, and in response Galon wrote: “Wash Rabin’s blood off your hands before you tweet at me.”

Galon tweeted to her followers: “When on one side there is Ayelet Shaked, Tali Gottlieb, Hanoch Milivitsky and Ben Gvir – it is clear that these elections are between the misogynists and the liberals and the progressives, these are elections if we create an Israeli season for the story of a slave girl, or if we save Israel from the nightmare scenario.”

To this, Knesset member Ben Gabir replied: “When on the side of Zehava is Karib, the corrupt reformist, and friends who embrace terrorists, the choice is really easy.”

Zehava Galon answered him: “Wash Rabin’s blood off your hands before you tweet at me. The only one who hugged terrorists here is you.”


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