Washington is destroying bilateral relations with Moscow in the strategic field – SANA

Washington is destroying bilateral relations with Moscow in the strategic field – SANA


Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov described the statements of the US State Department regarding cooperation between Moscow and Minsk in the nuclear military field as a clear example of the duplicity of US policy.

Commenting on a statement by the deputy head of the press office of the US State Department, Vedanta Patila, that the United States condemns the Russian decision on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in the territory of Belarus, Antonov said, according to what was reported by the TASS agency: “US officials have a very short memory, it is Washington that destroys The legal basis for bilateral relations with Moscow in the strategic sphere has long and systematically been established.

The Russian diplomat referred to the United States’ withdrawal from the Air Defense Treaty in 2002 and its withdrawal from the Russian-American treaty on the removal of short and medium-range missiles in 2019, and from the Open Skies Treaty in 2020, pointing out that “in 2022 the US administration unilaterally froze the strategic dialogue.” With Russia, US violations of key restrictions under the Strategic Offensive Weapons Treaty and steps aimed at undermining our national security led to the suspension of this treaty on our part.

Antonov explained that in return for the Russian-Belarusian cooperation, the United States “coordinates its nuclear policy closely within the framework of NATO with Britain and France, whose strategic nuclear arsenals are also improving in terms of quality and quantity, in addition to attempts to spread American nuclear weapons in Europe and other regions.”

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