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“Carthage” is a historical thriller with touches of black humor, based on real events and tells the story of the survivors of a detention camp, established by the British in Africa, during World War II. One clear day and without a preliminary trial, the leaders of the underground find themselves in the detention camp, the same people who later became the founders of the state and the leaders of the political right in Israel.

Beside them, in the camp, Italian fascists and junior Nazis were held.

“Carthage” was created and written by Rashef Levy (“The Arbiter”, “Lost Islands”), Yenz Levy (“The Adventures of David Aryeh”) and Tomer Shani (“A very important man”, “Nechma”), who were exposed to the story for the first time through the father of Reshef Vinz, who was himself a prisoner in the camp. This is the second collaboration between Rashef Levy and Tomer Shani after the previous series they created together, “Consolation”.

From “Carthage”, courtesy of here 11

The series is a product of Cooperation with several international production companies From Argentina, Colombia, Cyprus and more. Carthage is One of the biggest productions seen in Israel And especially for the shots, the creators insisted on building real sets of each location, without using computer effects. The result gives the series A special visual reminiscent of the Hollywood of old, which does not exist even for productions from around the world.

The story of the series

The series tells the story of Eliyahu (Elijah) Levi (Uri Gov in the lead role), an actor in the Hatata Theater, who arrives in Carthage after being accused of collaborating with the British. But Eliyahu is not a member of any political organization and his ideology is foreign to the time – he believes in self-fulfillment. Upon his arrival at the camp, he discovers that the wife of the warden of the prison, Lord Davidson (played by the British actor Philip Glennister) is connected to him in a secret relationship, which, if discovered, will lead to their death.

From “Carthage”, courtesy of here 11

In the camp, a world with its own rules was created, of men who did not know if they would ever taste the taste of freedom, and are trying to survive in a prison of ideological criminals, whose belief in the righteousness of their way, leads them to sometimes resort to extreme violence that is not accompanied by remorse.

The series explores the connection between ideology and violence and the price people are forced to pay for their freedom. She returns to a world where racism is an accepted way of thinking and where democracy is under attack.

The series was created by Reshef Levy, Tomer Shani Vinz Levy Director: Tomer Shani Producers: Yoav Gross and Rashef Levy


“Carthage” will be broadcast on Sundays and Wednesdays, at 21:15 on Kan 11 and on digital, starting from 12.18 – then a double opening episode will be broadcast.

Episode 3 will be available for initial and exclusive viewing via the app – here box

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