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An Israeli aid delegation landed in Cyprus today (Thursday) to assist in the local firefighting efforts.

The Elad Squadron, from the Israel Police’s Air Force, worked side by side throughout the day with firefighting squadrons from other countries, in a joint international effort to control the huge fires in the north of the island, and prevent them from spreading and endangering populated areas.

The squadron’s air force has a joint briefing and assessment of the situation with all the factors, and formulated the situation in the fire and the courses of action that will help take control of it, since it is a mountainous and forested area, challenging and complex, without access to ground firefighters.

The four Israeli pilots of Elbit Systems made long-distance sorties, during which they dumped tens of thousands of liters of water and foam at the various fires.

“At this stage, the members of the Israeli delegation are already preparing for the second day, and will act in accordance with the rate of fire spread,” a police spokeswoman said.

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