watch Rollercoaster gets stuck 160 feet in the air with helpless

Many of us have the desire to have a great adventure. For this some people have a habit of doing various adventures like trekking, waterfall swimming, deep sea diving etc. Most people try to avoid it as it can be life-threatening. But they will happily ride rollercoasters to try smaller adventures. People like to ride it because it usually doesn’t have any life-threatening features.

In that sense, roller coaster rides are very popular. People like it because it gives a thrilling experience. Similarly, the main reason why rollercoasters appeal to so many people is because of their horror. It can definitely give you a new experience while riding it. That’s why those who want to do small thrills opt for roller coasters. But, sometimes even this roller coaster has dangerous consequences.

One such incident happened at a theme park in Madrid, Spain. This extraordinary event took place in this theme park called ‘Parque de Attractions’. Like all kinds of theme parks, this park has many passengers wanting to ride the roller coaster. Accordingly, they have climbed and rode on it. But what happened to them was the worst. Yes, the roller coaster stopped halfway through the ride. As it also stopped vertically at the top, people screamed loudly.

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A video of a roller coaster in which people are standing in the middle of a ride at this theme park in Madrid is currently going viral. One of the most spectacular roller coasters in the world, the Abismo roller coaster is set at over 50 meters (160 feet). It can also reach speeds of at least 105 km/h both downhill and uphill. What was supposed to be a very enjoyable roller coaster ride turned into a bad horror ride for the people on board due to a technical glitch. The passengers were stuck at the top and were staring at the sky.

It is said that the damage has occurred due to the current heat in Madrid. And after more than an hour, the theme park closed its doors around the passengers, who were said to be in an uncomfortable situation. A few minutes later the technical fault was fixed and everyone on board was safely evacuated.

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