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Omar Shuwail – Jeddah Samsung has announced the new Galaxy watches that it will launch this year and come with garden specifications that are clearly different from previous versions of Galaxy watches, including a feature that can measure body temperature while ensuring that it is not affected by the external temperature of the surrounding weather, and there are many specifications Others will be explained to you in this article.

Specifications of the new Galaxy watches 2022

Galaxy watches in their new version come with a set of good specifications, including the following:

Watch battery specifications

The Galaxy Watch battery comes from the new version with a capacity of 572 mAh, which is about 60% more than the batteries in the models currently on the market.

This means that this watch will perform better and will not malfunction easily compared to the period when some other watches in the market remain intact, so those who like watches with high capacity batteries should buy one of these versions.

New Galaxy Watch Screens

The Galaxy Watches 2022 from the Samsung version comes with larger screens than the ones in the Galaxy Watch 4, other than that the edges of its frames are also thinner, which makes it easy to hold or use, and it will work with WearOS systems that are compatible with most Android phones and devices well, and these developments are quite recent Large compared to many other versions as well as watches currently available in the commercial market.

Pulse rate sensors

Similar to having a thermometer for you, there are other sensors to measure the pulse. Thus, the new Galaxy Watches is a new innovation from Samsung in the world of watch design. The new model is supported with sensors to measure heart rates and oxygen levels in the blood. Samsung version other than a system to control it via voice commands.

There are other specifications in the Samsung Galaxy watches that have not been announced so far, as well as the price of the watch has not been announced and new updates can be explored at the time of purchase as soon as it is put on the market this year.

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