Water and Babies: Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Baby Water in Hot Weather

Water and Babies: Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Baby Water in Hot Weather

2023-05-31 12:13:54

With summery temperatures we increasingly reach for the water bottle to compensate for our loss of fluids. But with a baby, this can have dramatic consequences.

Be sure to spread the word – this advice can save lives.

Please do not give your baby any water

It feels like 40 degrees in the shade, the air is still, the sweat is running and you feel like shit. But that doesn’t matter now, because all your thoughts revolve around whether your baby gets enough to drink. And right now your breasts are surrendering. Fuck! What to do? A bottle of water? stop, stop! Please don’t do it! Then Water can be a serious hazard to your baby. Until babies get their first complementary food, the clear liquid is absolutely taboo for the little ones. Sometimes it could even be fatal.

This is simply because a newborn’s kidneys are about half the size of an adult’s. They are not able to properly filter normal water until they are one year old. Water intoxication could occur. This causes excess water to build up in the bloodstream – as a result, the salt levels in the blood are diluted and hyponatremia (low sodium levels) occurs. The body tries to compensate for the low levels of sodium in the blood. Water enters the tissue and the cells are swollen.

The consequences are fatal

The consequences can be fatal and lead to life-threatening kidney failure or brain swelling. Symptoms of water intoxication can include: lethargy, bloated face, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, unconsciousness. These come on relatively quickly. Fully breastfed children are generally optimally supplied with liquid. And if you follow the exact dosage instructions for bottle-fed babies, you don’t have to worry about dehydration even at high temperatures.

In extreme heat, experts advise putting the babies to the breast more often or giving them more milk bottles, but never stretching them. If you have a lively looking baby with a rosy complexion, there is nothing to worry about. A The fontanelle is an important indicator of dehydration in babies. This should not be arched or sunken.

Basically, water intoxication can affect anyone – but while adults would have to drink several liters of water in a very short time, babies only need a tiny amount. The situation only changes after the introduction of complementary food and the baby can taste a few sips of water. The WHO recommends 400 ml of liquid per day from 7 to 12 months. However, this should be at least halfway through breast milk or PRE milk must be covered.

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