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time.news. This year the water crisis seems to have no end. After the improvement recorded last week, in which only five municipalities of the province were in the list of tank closures, now we are witnessing a new deterioration. The latest table published by ACA, the company led by the president Giovanna Brandelli, indicates as many as 16 municipalities in the area, if we also consider the neighboring Francavilla and San Giovanni Teatino, which from today until November 1st will have taps dry during the night.
In short, neither the recent rains nor the decline in inhabitants due to the departure of tourists from the holiday resorts, seem to have brought great benefits to the problem of water shortage. The Aca continues to carry out maneuvers to close the tanks evidently because water is still not enough for everyone.
The fact is that the inconveniences will return even in the municipalities that hoped to be out of the emergency by now. Suffice it to say that the previous ACA bulletin had canceled as many as 24 municipalities from the closures of the reservoirs. The water outages remained for only five, namely Brittoli, Catignano, Città Sant’Angelo, Civitaquana and Cugnoli.
Now the situation has worsened again, because in the new list of closures, which starts today and runs until November 1st, there are 16 municipalities. Here they are: Catignano, Cepagatti, Città Sant’Angelo, Francavilla, Nocciano, Penne, time.news, Pescosansonesco, Pianella, Pietranico, Rosciano, San Giovanni Teatino, Scafa, Spoltore, Tocco da Casauria, Torre de ‘Passeri. There will be water reductions in Città Sant’Angelo, Francavilla and some areas of time.news.
In time.news, in particular, there will be water interruptions at night Colle Santo Spirito, via San Donato, via Fontanelle, via Caduti for service, via Ventre d’oca, the industrial area and San Silvestro. The tank closures will take place from 10pm to 6am tomorrow night, Thursday 28 October, Saturday 30 and Monday 1 November. The reductions, on the other hand, will always be recorded at the same times in the upper area of ​​time.news Colli, Colle Scorrano road and cross-roads, Colle di Mezzo road and related cross-streets. The days indicated are those of today, Wednesday 27 October, Friday 29 and Sunday 31.
However, for several days reports continue to arrive from residents of the center of time.news who complain about the lack of water in their area even during the day.
The worst situation, however, is indicated for Città Sant’Angelo. The Aca table provides for water closures every night, from 9pm to 6am, starting today and until November 1st in various districts. The same goes for the water reductions that will affect the entire urban center of Città Sant’Angelo.
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