Water level occupations .. Important order flown to collectors .. Chief Secretary Divine Action | Chief Secretary Iraianbu ias issued important order to District Collectors on water body encroachment issue

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Published: Friday, December 3, 2021, 0:51 [IST]

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Chennai: As the Chennai High Court has issued a stern order regarding the occupation of water bodies, the Chief Secretary has issued an important order to all District Collectors in this regard.

Various cases have been filed in the Chennai High Court in connection with the removal of encroachments on lakes and ponds located in Tamil Nadu.

Chief Secretary Iraianbu ias issued important order to District Collectors on water body encroachment issue

The cases came up for hearing recently before Chief Justice of Chennai High Court Muneeswar Nath Bandari and Justice Adikesavalu.

The judges then questioned the Tamil Nadu government’s stance on the occupation of water bodies. The Government of Tamil Nadu has categorically stated that drastic measures will be taken to remove the occupiers and that it will no longer be allowed.

Following this, the judges ordered the Tamil Nadu government to file a report within a week on the removal of encroachments on water bodies across the state. The judges also warned that in case of misconduct, the Chief Secretary would have to appear in person and seek an explanation.

In this context, Chief Secretary Wee Divinity on Thursday held consultations with district administration leaders, key officials from various departments including the Department of Water Resources, Municipal Administration and Water Supply, Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Department of Rural Development and Panchayat.

The Chief Secretary has directed the District Collectors to submit the details of the water levels in all the districts and the detailed report on the occupation by the 4th. He advised that the survey should be conducted without any hesitation and a clear report should be submitted.

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Chief Secretary Iraianbu ias about water body encroachment issue. Chief Secretary Iraianbu latest news in tamil.

Story first published: Friday, December 3, 2021, 0:51 [IST]

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