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In our country, agriculture consumes 20,000 crore units of electricity per year; This is 18 per cent of the country’s total electricity expenditure. Today, one of the major problems in the agricultural sector is proper irrigation; There are many interruptions in irrigation due to unavailability of electricity properly.

60 per cent of the country’s 140 crore population; Agriculture is responsible for 17 percent of the country’s economy. Essential for agriculture – adequate water at the right time; Electricity. Twenty percent of farmers rely on electric pumpsets for irrigation. Unreliable electricity with power cuts has reduced the efficiency of farmers.

Distribution for agriculture is limited to a few hours throughout the day. Farmers need to be vigilant about when electricity will come on.

When the power supply is restarted it becomes mandatory to hire a worker to operate the equipment. This is because the switches to operate the motor do not turn off when needed. Increase in electricity cost, water wastage occur.

The gap between the house and the fields is the main reason for the pumpsets to run wastefully. Start-ups try to avoid wastage of electricity and water. Jalapriya Autotech, Pump Controller has automated farm irrigation for farmers facing problems with improper power supply and irrigation water.

This ‘start-up’ company has developed patented pump controller from the farmer’s home, using patented ‘Internet of Things’ technology. Without human intervention, its precise operation brings relief to the farmer; Increases crop yield and quality; Improves groundwater use; Reduces carbon footprint while protecting the soil.

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What are the opportunities?

This controller is capable of fitting motors inside of any type and size. There are 2.9 crore pumpsets in operation in Indian agriculture. India’s pumpset industry is growing at seven to eight percent a year.



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