Wax with “color” to hide white, silver and yellow gray hair in seconds

Wax with “color” to hide white, silver and yellow gray hair in seconds

Silver, white or yellow gray hair, this change in the pigment of our hair is sometimes a true martyrdom. Especially when it is necessary to hide them immediately, for them we provide you with a powerful solution, a cit was colored

The truth is that the tone of our cabello is determined by the pigment-producing cellscalled melanocytes, which live in the hair follicle at the base of the mane, describes the National Institute of Health.

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Why do gray hair appear?

In most cases the gray hair make their appearance for a follicle stem cell aging. However, it is known that there are factors that can accelerate this process, for example, diet, genetics or stress

The reason is that stress causes the release of norepinephrine, a chemical that affects color production in pigment cells.

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How to make homemade hair color wax?

If you need to cover your white, silver or yellow gray hair, then this hair wax will be the solution you need. Here we reveal how to prepare it.


15 grams of white beeswax
10 grams of shea butter
20 grams of colored oil
6 drops of rosemary essential oil
2 tablespoons of activated charcoal


Before starting it is important that you know that this colored wax for cover gray hair in seconds, it is also useful for beards. It also has many properties that benefits the hair.

For example, shea butter helps moisturize hair and maintain its natural shine, as well as its softness and resistance.

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How long does the wax last on the hair?

The colored wax is very effective, The best thing about it is that since it does not have chemicals it does not mistreat the hair. Besides that she is effective. Wax can cover gray hair for up to 4 weeks, even if washed daily, and up to 6 months if washing hair is limited to 1-2 times.

Now that you know how to make this homemade colored wax, don’t miss out on all its benefits, especially if you have white, silver or yellow gray hair.


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