Way of the Cross with the homeless – Vatican News

Way of the Cross with the homeless – Vatican News

Sliewapatha on March 28, presided over by Cardinal Angelo de Donatis.

Fr. Jinu Jacob, Vatican City

Cardinal Angelo de Donatis, Vicar of the Pope of the Diocese of Rome, will lead the Way of the Cross in Ostia, Italy, on Tuesday, March 28 at 7:00 p.m. Italian time.

The numerous works for the unimaginative are another facet of the mercy of the Catholic Church, which stands by the hand of the helpless and the poor all over the world. In many parts of Italy, thousands of people, both native and foreign, receive help under the supervision of the subordinate organizations of the Church. It is important to mention that apart from material help, the church always emphasizes on spiritual, intellectual and mental upliftment. A great act of spiritual aid is the Way of the Cross with the homeless brothers and the following dinner, led by Cardinal Angelo de Donatis, Vicar of the Diocese of Rome, in the Ostia region of Italy on Tuesday, March 28 at 7 pm Italian time.

Many people from other countries are staying in open places in Ostia region as refugees. The Church’s Caritas organization, with the help of the parish, opened this emergency aid center from the 18th of January, when it was difficult to find a way to even get an early meal. Rooms are arranged to sleep up to sixteen people overnight, and dinner, breakfast and social entertainment are guaranteed.

According to one estimate, Ostia has at least 400 homeless people sleeping on the streets and in pine groves. Currently, this is the only hope center in Ostia. The success of this project is also attributed to the cooperation of more than expected volunteers. Volunteers who come from all parishes in the area with enthusiasm, love and a spirit of service are greatly appreciated. Through this reception structure we want people to understand that the poor are ours and that it is our duty to take care of them, shares Fr. Giovanni, the vicar of the parish, Maria, Queen of Peace, who leads the project.


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