“We are more concerned about the ‘likes’ of the photo than what matters”

“We are more concerned about the ‘likes’ of the photo than what matters”

Guillem Roma presents tomorrow (8pm) at La Mercè, as part of the festival Brogithis new album, real posturewith whom he has already been in Vic, Madrid and Manresa

Guillem: do all roads lead to Rome?

I do not know. In my case yes, because I see everything from my perspective. However, I trust that the paths will lead me to very different places. And also very diverse.

Is there a lot of posturing in the world and few real people?

Think so. Anyway, I also think there are more real people than we think. What happens is that we don’t see it, but everyday life is full of people doing such authentic things as having a beer with friends, etc. You see many real situations, what happens is that sometimes we don’t give them the value they have. We’re more excited about Rosalía on Instagram than the group of friends drinking beer on a terrace.

Which doesn’t mean there’s no posturing, does it?

Of course there are. We’ve gotten used to this layer of superficiality, of appearance, of not having to scratch a lot to see what’s underneath.

Speaking of posture, and watch out for what says that minors are reading this: what posture do you practice the most?

I think that the physical posture you take has to do with the way you face life. If someone walks upright, he almost certainly takes life with drive and determination, unlike someone who walks hunched over. As for sexual position…

Stop, stop, we have left that there are minors alert. Let’s talk about his theme “Todo y nada”, which seems foreboding, because the banks are already crashing again.

If it happens like it always does, it will be our turn to pay for everything, unfortunately. Hopefully not.

Is it visionary?

I’m not a visionary, but one already senses how the world works. Inequalities are glaring, with 1% of people accumulating more wealth than everyone else.

Quan és “How good it is”?

Sometimes, without a mobile phone you are much better off than with a mobile phone. Now, me, when I’m really good, is when I’m doing something related to music. It can be when I’m playing or when I’m rehearsing with friends, these are moments with a lot of quality.

“Artificial intelligence”. Are your lyrics written by a program?

Behind a song there is always a part of human experience that artificial intelligence can never have. He can make a very beautiful song, but there will never be a human experience behind it.

Are you scared of a future full of machines?

It scares me just as much as a future full of humans like the ones we have now. You only have to look at the news to understand that we are not much better either.

In “Imaginar” he talks about luck. Is it a very fickle thing?

Everything moves, so does luck. The more you look for her, the less you find her, and when you least expect it, she suddenly comes to see you. It’s about not having too many expectations, if something has to come, let it come. And if it has to go, let it go.

“Let’s walk on tiptoe for what’s important”, how do you sing?

I have the feeling that in this frenetic society, there are things that we don’t take full advantage of. Everyday things, like enjoying your lunch every day, or waking up early in the morning and feeling good. When you are well, you do not enjoy it because you are not aware of it, and when you are sick, you say: how would you enjoy it if you were well. The important thing is this, but we are more concerned with how many likes we have on the photo, and we get sad if we don’t have many.


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