“We are the only alternative to bipartisanship”

“We are the only alternative to bipartisanship”

2023-05-26 18:43:11

In the final phase of the campaign, Podemos uses the controversy over the purchase of votes in Melilla and Murcia to encourage the PP and the PSOE and establish itself as the “only alternative to bipartisanship.” The purples, until now, had tried to divert the focus towards the allies of the Coalition for Melilla -Más País and Compromís- with the aim of indirectly charging against Vice President Yolanda Díaz, for her support for these parties.

Now, in a further step, on the last day to ask for a vote for their formation, the purples intensify their campaign to defend that only Podemos is the “brave” party to end corruption. The general secretary of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has claimed her formation as the only “anti-corruption” ballot to break “with the corruption of bipartisanship”.

At a rally in Toledo, the leader of Podemos has referred to the purchase of votes after the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, criticized the PSOE for it. According to Minister Ione Belarra, Podemos is the “guarantee to end corruption.” He has defended that the vote for Podemos is the only one that can be used as an “alternative to bipartisanship. “This example perfectly reveals that this political space continues to be the only alternative to bipartisanship and that we are only going to end corruption when Podemos is very strong.” .

Days before, when the arrest and subsequent release of the son-in-law of the leader of the Coalition for Melilla, Mústafá Aberchán, and number three on the electoral list, came to light, the purples went out to set fire to the fight on their left. Podemos took advantage of attacking Más País and Compromís for their alliance in Melilla. “It is very serious and I am concerned that some progressive parties have thought that these are acceptable partners with the previous ones that we already knew,” Belarra also said.

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