“We ate and then they said ‘no marks here'”

The experience of coming to Qatar is not easy for Israelis. As I remember, Israel does not have diplomatic relations with Qatar, but in light of the World Cup, many sports lovers flew to the World Cup to experience the best football in the world. Hadar Jacobi, a reporter for the Sports Channel, who flew to Qatar, told about an unpleasant experience, as a result of her being Israeli.

“Since I arrived here, I have maintained the narrative that ‘the conflict is between governments, not between people,'” she described, “even though I always said where I was from, no one made me feel uncomfortable for a moment. Yesterday we were eating at a restaurant and while we were eating, someone got up from the table Next, she shouted at us next to everyone “unwanted grades here” and blew the bubble in my face.

“I wouldn’t give up the experience because it’s a World Cup and my love for the factory is greater than the fear. And yet, no one should be afraid of reaching the World Cup.”


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