“We can talk about a perfect match”, ignites Luis Enrique after PSG-OM

“We can talk about a perfect match”, ignites Luis Enrique after PSG-OM

2023-09-25 01:08:55

The Spanish technician had chosen to give a resolutely offensive character to his starting eleven by aligning 4 attackers. The resounding success against Marseille validated this offensive bias (4-0). At the end of the match, Luis Enrique appeared before the press to express his feelings.

What feeling prevails at the end of this great success?

LUIS ENRIQUE. We played the most complete match since my arrival. It’s fortunate that it coincided with the Clasico against our main opponent.

“Tonight is a big night for us”

Can we talk about a perfect match?

Yes it is, with players connected and fans enjoying the show. We are getting closer to total domination of the match. But we coaches must also accept defeats. Tonight is a big night for us.

Can you give any news about Kylian Mbappé?

I think he took a hit. It’s not a serious problem but there was pain and it was difficult (for him) to play. It was the best decision to come out. It’s just a hit. I think it should be available soon.

What did you think of Hakimi’s free kick?

He is a player with very good shooting skills. He works a lot in training. He can give us a lot, more than any other right-back. He is a defender but he can be a midfielder and an attacker. It’s a joy for a coach to have a player like that.

Is he now the number 1 free kick shooter?

The key players are everyone on the pitch and even those on the bench. We need a large squad to achieve all our objectives and win the titles.

Are you impressed by Zaire-Emery?

It looks like he’s 37 and not 17. He had already played quite a bit with Galtier. He is complete, professional, humble, hardworking. This is an example of a player who comes from the training center.

What do you remember from the association of 4 offensive players?

Not a bad attack, right? We used different positions depending on our opponent. The objective is not to have 4 attackers, but 11 and not just 4 defenders but 11. That everyone is able to attack and defend.

We heard homophobic chants at the end of the match. What did you think of it?

I’m sorry I don’t understand if the songs are nice or mean.

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