“We can use tremendous force”

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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin attended the annual dialogue conference in Bahrain today (Saturday) and promised that his country is committed to preventing nuclear weapons from Iran and to cooperating with the Gulf states.

“The United States remains committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and remains committed to a diplomatic outcome on the nuclear issue. But if Iran is not willing to negotiate seriously, then we will consider all necessary options to maintain United States security,” the defense minister said during the conference.

Austin also referred to the change in US forces in the Middle East, saying: “Our potential power in the region also includes what our allies have to offer and our ability to fly forces into the region quickly.

Along with the implicit threats to Tehran, it seems that Iran itself has remained committed to continuing its violent conduct in the region. The Iranian news agency Tassanim has announced that the Iranian navy has taken over a foreign oil grocery claiming that it is carrying smuggled diesel intended to be sold on the black market in Iran.

His published film showed the naval force members of the Revolutionary Guards holidaying around the craft in armed motorboats and then boarding it. It is not clear to whom the ship belongs but it was reported that 11 of its crew members have been arrested and are now in Iranian captivity.

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