“We don’t know if vaccines work on new variants”

“On the new variants” of the coronavirus “actually we do not really know yet if these vaccines work. We will have to see a little over time. The English data seems to me to already show some signs of an increase in mortality. Even the Italian data, good, is referring to what we have at the moment, therefore still a prevalent alpha variant. ”The virologist of the State University of Milan told ‘The numbers of the pandemic’, on Sky TG24 Fabrizio Pregliasco. “The risk – he added – is that we will not reach a herd immunity. In reality, lacking the possibility of vaccinating the little ones, especially the variants will most likely lead to an endemic trend. We hope that over time the virus improves coexistence with us guests “.

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“If it is true that there is no need for a booster dose now, it is good to prepare for the future and organize a vaccination possibility with an update of the vaccine composition. You will have to imagine a vaccination perspective a bit like with the flu. I presume a vaccination booster, obviously in the subjects most at risk such as, for example, those present in Rsa ”, added Pregliasco.

“At this point – he continued – there is a need to understand in perspective, and it will be good to give information that is perspective but also of modalities. I therefore think that a progression with subjects at risk, subjects more exposed, can be the important element for a recall. Then with the delta variant, or in any case with the current vaccine, I believe that reinforcement is necessary even if we do not yet have a standardization of the evaluation of efficacy ”.

As for “the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, it is effective. We, for example, as Anpas, Red Cross and Mercy, together with the department, want to use it for the last ones, for those more difficult to find. This would be very effective in terms of practical, but we still can’t make it operational, ”he explained again.


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