“We don’t play with life”

“We don’t play with life”

2023-09-23 21:40:14

Barely leaving Marseille, after a 26-hour visit, Pope Francis spoke on Saturday, September 23, on the future French law on euthanasia, questioned by journalists on board the papal flight back to Rome.

« With life, we don’t play “, he insisted, while he spoke out, in the morning, before the bishops of the Mediterranean, against the ” perspective falsely worthy of a sweet death, in reality saltier than the waters of the sea “. A clear allusion, according to a Vatican source, to the French government’s end-of-life project. “ This is not a religious question, the pope insisted on the plane. It’s a question of humanity. »

A 30 minute interview

« When he (Emmanuel Macron, Editor’s note) came to the Vatican, the Pope explained, I told him my opinion, clearly. With life, we don’t play. » The last meeting between Francis and Emmanuel Macron took place at the Vatican in October 2022. This time, the Pope said, the subject was not on the agenda for their 30-minute interview, Saturday mid -daytime.

The Élysée had nevertheless affirmed a few hours earlier that this theme had indeed been “ briefly » mentioned between Emmanuel Macron and Pope Francis. According to the Presidency of the Republic, the President would have detailed to the Pope the method and timetable according to which this bill would be presented “ in the next weeks ».

According to our information, the bill, which should be presented by the end of September, was also among the subjects discussed by the Minister of the Interior in charge of religions Gérald Darmanin and Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, Saturday at midday. During this meeting, the two men also spoke about the migration policy implemented by France, as well as the situation of the diocese of Toulon, whose bishop, Mgr Dominique Rey, was questioned by a internal investigation due to the erratic management of his diocese.

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The Pope’s words on migrants, a failure?

The situation of migrants occupied a large part of the pope’s trip to Marseille, who continued to call, in the Phocaean city, to welcome refugees arriving in Europe. Questioned on the plane about his insistence on this theme for ten years, the Pope condemned everything “ failure » on his part, but affirmed that there had been, for a decade, a “ awareness » public opinions. He also urged welcome, once again. “ It will make us more human. »


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