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Actress and presenter Arya against the widespread fake news related to her private life. Arya said in a note shared on social media that such news was affecting her and her family badly and that they should realize that they too have a private life and should leave themselves alone.

From Arya’s post

I thought I could be as quiet as ever and let this pass, but things went awry, affecting many. We all have family and personal lives. So please listen to what I have to say and leave us alone.

Some news related to my personal life has been circulating for the last few days. It affects me and my family and many others around me very badly. The screenshots I get, the questions people ask, the jokes have all been suffocating for the past two days.

Please note that this is a very sensitive and very personal matter. I have always been open about my life. But I also know where to put control. If I had anything to say, I would have come forward on that occasion and said things directly. I have never used any other medium for what I have to say.

There is a request to all online media and to anyone who finds pleasure in spreading such unwanted news. Many names are included in this news. Please understand that we all have private lives. Please stop spreading such news. If I want to share something I will be sharing it directly through my social media. Please leave us alone .. About Arya.

Content Highlights : Actress Arya reacts to Fake news regarding her personal life

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