“We have been working on therapies and quality of life for 25 years”

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“Alexion is a company that for 25 years has dedicated its activity to the development and commercialization of innovative therapies, focusing totally on the field of rare diseases. The value we try to bring is related to the fact of making therapies available to patients. innovative and also services that can improve their quality of life “. This was stated by Anna Chiara Rossi, Alexion CEO in Italy, on the occasion of the eighth edition of the Omar Prize on rare diseases, today in Rome at the Ara Pacis.

“In particular – he explained – we operate in some therapeutic areas: hematology, nephrology, metabolic disorders and the field of neuroscience. In these areas we have tried to give solutions to pathologies and diseases that did not yet have them. Thanks. to support our research and development, today people suffering from some rare diseases have a completely different quality of life, but above all they have the possibility of living a life that is almost normal and similar to that of people who are not affected by these diseases. The world of rare diseases is very complex and there are various companies operating in this sector “.

“There are about 7 thousand rare diseases in the world – he recalled – In Italy it is estimated that there are more than a million patients affected by rare diseases and there are effective treatments for only about 5% of these diseases. So the possibility of investing in research and development and to have companies that can contribute in finding solutions for these people and their families is certainly important “.

“Another aspect of the value that our company, and companies like ours, brings to the sector – continued Rossi – is given by the fact that, in addition to research and development, we try to find, listening to the needs of patients, also of innovative services that can help improve the quality of life of patients beyond drugs. For example, during the period of Covid-19, our company, as well as others, took action to support patients who, due to the pandemic, had difficulties in reaching the hospitals and continuing the therapy, or in any case they had difficulty in having access to the diagnosis “.

“What we hope for the future – concluded the CEO of Alexion in Italy – is that the value that companies like ours bring to the world of rare therapies will be recognized, evaluated and exploited to the maximum by the institutions. We also hope that the drug is not seen exclusively as a cost but is actually valued and evaluated for the value it brings to the community of patients and their families “.

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