“We have lost 60 million.” Covid, the accounts at risk of the San Pio hospital

/Courier TV

“We are a large private hospital, accredited with the public, a scientific hospitalization and treatment institute: we, like other similar private structures, would need rules that guarantee us an economic survival for the near future”. Speaking is Michele Giuliani, general manager of Casa Sollievo della Sofevole in San Giovanni Rotondo, a structure that can count on about 3,000 employees.The approach to the problem is soft, then analyzing the numbers better understand the concern for the hospital wanted by Padre Pio and 100% controlled by the Vatican but which must be managed in a self-sufficient way: «2020, as we all know, was the year of Covid. Due to this emergency – explains Giuliani – we have lost 30% of other services and in Italy there are structures similar to ours that have even lost 50%. The lucky ones stopped at 20% ». Giuliani then goes into detail on the numbers for 2020: “We have an agreement with the Puglia Region for the services we provide which in 2019 guaranteed us about 230 million: this year at least 60 million will be missing, at the Gemelli di Rome, they recently announced, will be missing 80 ».



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