‘We have nothing to eat’, the police were shocked to hear the child’s complaint; A heap of help followed Flood of donations for hungry Brazilian boy who called police

The life of 11-year-old Miguel Barros, who called the Brazilian emergency department because he couldn’t stand his hunger, is now filling the social media. Last week, the boy called the police and asked for help. When asked what kind of emergency help he needed, the boy replied, ‘Mr. Police, there is nothing to eat in our house’. The officials were literally shocked to hear the child’s demand.

Then the police arrived in the southeastern city of Santa Lucia in Belo Horizonte looking for the child. Realizing the plight of the child and his family, the police went to a nearby supermarket and delivered food to the child’s home. The boy’s legendary supermarket owner also donated a lot of food items.

Miguel’s life was then covered by the local media. As the news spread through social media, many people came to offer help to the child. Not only from Brazil, but from many parts of the world, many foods arrive at the child’s home.

Miguel Barros lives with his mother and five siblings. With the spread of covid, the mother lost her job. With this, the family starved. The police said that the children had only had corn flour and water to eat for three days.

“We have suffered a lot. As long as I live, I will never forget it, because hunger hurts so much’ – said Miguel’s mother.

After the child’s story came out, many people came forward with criticism against the Brazilian government. Studies have previously revealed that 30 percent of Brazilian citizens live in poverty.


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