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Gp Bahrain, technical analysis: the technical treatments for Mercedes and the exam in the desert for Ferrari
Possible surprises

Meanwhile, that competitive joy evoked by the Maranello technicians has made an unexpected appearance, the goal of fighting as a third force seems achievable. It will not always be like this, starting this afternoon, but the competition has understood that they will have to start reckoning with the Cavallino. Woe to your head, of course. Red Bull has put a winning car on the track, Mercedes has disposed of an unusually complicated running-in; Verstappen seems ready for a sensational coup and Hamilton remains an absolute predator.

Ferrari cannot win, it is hard to confirm the qualifying result in the race, but in a few kilometers it signaled a providential reactivity of the designers, thinking of creativity, quality, concreteness to apply to Ferrari next year, when everyone will have the opportunity to aim for the first force role. Engineers, frame builders, aerodynamicists: they faced a decisive examination under pressure. Failure to react would have made many heads fall and the hope of seeing a winning Red again while now and perhaps, looking ahead is less scary. Therefore a very welcome surprise, to be combined with Sainz’s maturity. Immediately protagonist, together with Alonso, Ricciardo, the most lively in new teams. Champions loved as well as beloved Ferrari. Passion multipliers. Living stories, dreams, rediscovered challenges. Racing needs this above all.

Ferrari SF21, technical analysis: radical recipes at the rear to chase Mercedes and Red Bull
Ferrari SF21: weight-saving paint

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