We learn to listen to the secret voice of the children

twelve o’clock, April 3, 2021 – 4:24 pm

Dear manager,
experiencing the pandemic in Campania, where national laws are not valid, frustrating: not even a walk in a park or in a forest to be proposed to a daughter who is crying and screaming in despair. She spends the morning in front of the monitor and the afternoon alone inventing something and looking for a friend at least online. Simply walking in the open air in a forest, being able to run in a park, being able to ride a bike in total safety (as they do in other regions), can save the day and help you survive.
Barbara Di Fenza, Naples

Dear Mrs. Di Fenza,
cI understand more than I imagine his frustration than, later, that of so many parents rendered helpless in the face of the growing unease of our children. I confess one thing
: I have a disabled daughter who has cognitive retardation and autistic traits caused by a genetic disease. Tomorrow he turns 24 and, like all young people of his age, he suffers from the cloister imposed by Covid. I am not telling you that for these young people, in Naples, there is practically nothing on the front of public assistance and that all the therapies, thanks to which it has greatly improved over the years, are of a private nature. If you can afford it, your son or daughter will have more hope of a decent life. If, on the contrary, you are not able to pay (and I am speaking of significant figures), you will remain on a sofa to swing, relying exclusively on the love of your parents which, however, from a therapeutic point of view, has an accessory value. This is to explain to her that, despite the treatments, even my wife and I are forced to invent something every day to make her spend her days in the best possible way: we play karaoke, tell fairy tales, watch Disney movies together, play and reinvent songs for make her smile. Not easy and I would not like this effort to be concealed by a stupid romanticism. For I confide quietly that we learn many things usually extraneous to the normal orbit of parent-child relationships. A little suggestion, then: let’s take advantage of the unnatural silence that surrounds us and try to listen to the secret voice of our kids. We will discover a lot of surprises. Believe me, the motion of the soul is worth more than that of the body.
Enzo d’Errico

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April 3, 2021 | 16:24

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