“We met valued and quality youth full of faith and action”

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One week after Shabbat, the organization of the BNA movement today (Saturday) and on Thursday, Knesset members from Religious Zionism and Religious Zionist activists came to Ezra and Ariel Banot branches around the country to meet and talk with the trainees and counselors. This time, too, the young people of religious Zionism distributed sweet treats to the trainees and instructors.

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The party’s chairman, MK Bezalel Smutrich, spent the white night on Thursday in the city of Petah Tikva, where he met and visited the Ezra branches in Hadar Ganim, Kfar Ganim and Shikun, as well as the Ariel Banot branch in Sirkin.

At the end of the meetings with the trainees and instructors, MK Smutrich said: “We have amazing youth who give a lot of hope! This week I celebrated the end of a month of organization with members of the Ezra and Ariel movement. Days full of action break out in learning and growth. There is a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of this special youth, as they are the future of us all. I can only wish for the three youth movements of religious Zionism, God with you, strengthen friends, and lead the people of Israel a doctrine of life boldly! Dear mentors, trainees, the people of Israel are building on you and trusting you! “

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The chairman of the Religious Zionist faction in the Knesset, MK Orit Struck, spent a white night at the Ariel branches in Beit Shemesh on Thursday, and this evening she arrived at the commander of the Ariel girls’ branch in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem.

MK Struck said to the apprentices, counselors and parents who arrived: ‘I came to strengthen and I came out strengthened. A youth movement that engraves on its banner a theme such as “work of virtue” – gives great hope to our future generation. I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm and investment of the apprentices, the dedication and caring of the instructors and the communists, each of whom can serve as a personal example of the subject of the work of virtue. The meeting with you definitely strengthens and gives hope. At the end of two weeks of touring the branches and getting to know what is happening in the youth movements, I am convinced that the State of Israel must invest more in this educational and social channel, and I will try to act in order for that to happen. “

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MK Ofir Sofer, together with the party’s director general, Yehuda Wald, visited Ezra’s central Jerusalem branch on Thursday night and said: “I visited Ezra’s students in Jerusalem on Thursday night. The light in the eyes of the trainees and instructors is the same light that passes from generation to generation and the same light that illuminates the whole world. Strengthen friends and girlfriends, be strong and be strong. ‘

MK Michal Waldiger dreamed on Thursday to spend a white night with the Ariel and Ezra branches in the city of Ashkelon, and this evening she greeted the trainees, counselors and parents at the Ezra branch in Givat Shmuel. MK Waldiger said during the White Night and the signing of the organization month of the Ezra and Ariel movement, I visited a number of branches around the country. I met valuable and quality youth full of faith and action. I saw volunteering and love of the Torah. I saw light. As someone who, among other members of the faction, represents “religious Zionism” in the Knesset, I was filled with pride. Strengthen friends and girlfriends, be strong and be strengthened!

MK Simcha Rotman also arrived at the Ezra branch in Efrat on Saturday evening and said: I blessed them to continue to lead excellently in the way of the land and the Torah. “

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