“We must have our own access to space” – Interview with Matthias Maurer Podcast

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Dhe German Matthias Maurer is scheduled to fly to the ISS as an astronaut for the European space agency ESA on board a SpaceX rocket at the end of the month. During the six months on the space station, he will conduct over 300 scientific experiments. Shortly before he goes into quarantine in Houston and no media contact is allowed before the start, US correspondent Steffen Schwarzkopf was allowed to interview him for WELT. The materials scientist gives personal insights into his everyday training and talks about the physical challenges on board the ISS, about the future of space tourism and explains why Europe needs its own space program.

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INSIDE USA is the podcast by Steffen Schwarzkopf, the US correspondent for the news channel WELT. Steffen gives a glimpse behind the scenes of Washington’s political life and into the America of ordinary people. Above all, he speaks regularly at this point about what you don’t get to see on TV or the web. And about the not always easy family life with his wife Julia and the children Til and Jette. After four years of Donald Trump, Steffen himself has to get used to the changed reality under the new US President Joe Biden.

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