“We need to restart sport, as an engine of well-being and sociality”

CNG – National Youth Council: launch of the “150 minutes to restart” campaign, to promote sport as an engine of well-being and sociality

“The closure of gyms, swimming pools and dance schools has removed many people from regular physical or sporting activity. It was especially the youngest who were affected, deprived of an important social tool. ” – declares the President of the National Youth Council, Maria Cristina Pisani. “Within the 2030 Agenda, the contribution of sport to theempowerment of women and young people, individuals and communities, as well as health, education and social inclusion. For this reason, aware that the pandemic will continue to have negative impacts on the world of sport and on the physical and mental well-being of all, it is necessary that each of us return to having a healthy lifestyle. WHO recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week, especially in times of anxiety, crisis and fear like the ones we are experiencing. It is, therefore, the time to take care of our health and dedicate to ourselves “150 minutes to leave” – ​​adds President Pisani.

“Reviving sport must be a priority, not only for an economic issue, but above all for a social and healthy one. Sport is a sign of health, psychophysical well-being and makes our young people grow in sociability. We cannot ensure that an epidemic destroys all this, on the contrary, it must strengthen it, making sport return as one of the first struggles in combating the virus. ” – declares the Presidential Councilor with responsibility for Health, Francesco Marchionni. “All together we must work to relaunch sport, which is not just professional football, basketball or TV rights, but it is above all the grassroots sport that is done in neighborhoods, schools, territories where it is also equivalent to contrasting social hardship.” – concludes Marchionni.


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