‘We need trained doctors, ECM on Doctor’s Life is important’

Rome, 22 March (time.news Health)

“The refresher course for doctors,”The threat of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases“, available from today in the spring offer of continuing education courses in medicine (Ecm) on the Sky 440 channel ‘Doctor’s Life‘published by time.news Salute, “it is important because, as we have seen in this year of emergency, those who work on the territory or in the hospital are on the front line”. He emphasizes it Massimo Andreoni, scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit) and head of Infectious Diseases at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome. The course is offered to over 104 thousand doctors and pharmacists registered in the ‘Doctor’s Life’ channel.

The course ‘The threat of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases’ it consists of a series of video lessons lasting a total of 2 hours, with online tutoring, made by teachers with the help of infographics, iconographic materials and videos explained. In addition to Massimo Andreoni, scientific director of the course, the ECM also sees the participation as a teacher of Fortunato D’Ancona, epidemiologist of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health.

Updating and updating on infectious diseases means outlining the problems that today can explode beyond the Covid emergency – Andreoni continues – There are future pandemics on the horizon for which we must prepare and be ready as doctors. This ECM course goes precisely in this direction: to train all doctors on the possibility of new viruses and help them in prevention “.

After a historical introduction, the first part of the course includes an in-depth study on the modalities of emergency and re-emergence, on HIV, tuberculosis, avian, Covid and the aspects related to the current clinical impact, diagnostics and therapy and finally on monkeypox. In the second part we will talk about threats and risk factors, Ebola, hemorrhagic fever, vector-borne diseases, prevention and control (with vaccines) of Covid and future and very low gram negative MDR variants.


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